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Mandala S – 12″ – 10 Notes


The Mandala, is a beautiful Steel Tongue Drum that comes with 10 exquisitely tuned notes in a variety of scales, colors, and frequencies!  There is a beautiful “Fractal Flower” etching in the center around our laser-cut emblem, with round-cut tongues.  Please check out the product description for a full list of features, and below that is a table of all the available scales.

Audio recordings of all our scales can be found on our Sound Models Page.

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Each Steel Tongue Drum is hand-made by our staff, with the note shapes and etchings all completed with hand-tools so each instrument is a unique piece of art. The drums are fully coated (inside and outside) with a beautiful and highly resilient powder-coating so they will not rust or tarnish. The colors we have chosen are exceptional and this high-quality finish leaves them feeling smooth and creamy in the hands; they are an absolute dream to hold and play. You can find a list of available scales below the "optional features" and can read more about scales here. Standard Features: – Choice Of Scale – Choice Of Color – Rubber Mallets – Instructional Booklet – Mandala Etch – Red Cedar Sound Hole Plug – Removable Rubber Feet Optional Features: – Added Pick-up System (Please allow additional time for this option) – Carrying Bag – Timpani Mallets Keys Available: Akebono: E minor Arbutus: A Major Beta-Tone: E minor Hijaz: D minor Melog: D Major Penta-Tone: E Major Pacific Swell: B minor Pygmy: E minor Renaissance: D minor Solstice: G Major *Caution*:  Playing your Steel Tongue Drum too hard can cause the tongues to bend, and cause the notes to dip slightly out of tune. To avoid this, we suggest using finger-tips, thumbs or soft-strikes with the mallets we provide to play your drums. It does not require a large amount of force to create a large sound from our instruments. *Choking Hazard*: Mallets, Magnets, and other small parts can provide a choking hazard.  Never leave young children alone with the mallets or magnets unsupervised.

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Weight 4.5 kg
Dimensions 34 × 34 × 22 cm

Aqua Burst, Aurora, Forest Burst, Solar Burst


432, 440

Scale and Key

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