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Ascension Double-Sided


The Ascension 18th Realm, is a beautiful Steel Tongue Drum that comes with 18 exquisitely tuned notes (A 9 note Major scale and a 9 note minor scale) in a variety of scale combinations, colors, and frequencies!  Please check out the product description for a full list of features, as well as list of available scale combinations and available keys! The full scale descriptions as well as audio recordings can all be found on our Sound Models page.

We have created the drop-down product options with just the standard scales available to relieve weight on our server.  If you would like a transposition of a particular scale (A different key), please select the standard scale, and then send us an email from our Contact Page identifying the transposition you would like.

*Standard keys are in bold.*

Chilcotin – C minor/Eb Major, D minor/F Major
Damascus –
C minor/C major, D minor, D major, E minor/ E Major
Shogun –
E minor/G Major
Yin-Yang –
D minor/F Major

*Pictures coming soon!*



Our Ascension series of Steel Tongue Drums can be purchased in single-sided 8 or 9 note options, or Double-Sided 18 note drum options.

Each Steel Tongue Drum is hand-made by our staff, with the note shapes and etchings all completed with hand-tools so each instrument is a unique piece of art.  The drums are fully coated (inside and outside) with a beautiful and highly resilient powder-coating so they will not rust or tarnish.  The colors we have chosen are exceptional and this high-quality finish leaves them feeling smooth and creamy in the hands; they are an absolute dream to hold and play.

Please select from Drum Type, Scale, Key, Hertz, and Color options to create your perfectly personalized percussion instrument!

A list of scales and available keys for the Ascension 18th Realm drums are below the Optional Features, and more scale information and audio recordings can be found on our Sound Models page.

Standard Features:

– Choice Of Scale(s)
– Choice Of Color(s)
– Rubber Mallets
– Instructional Booklet
– Feather Etchings on Tongues/Central Geometry Etch
– Red Cedar Sound Hole Plug
– Removable Rubber Feet

Optional Features:

– Tuning Magnets (For 440Hz or 432Hz tuning)
– Added Pick-up System (Please allow additional time for this option)
– Carrying Bag
– Timpani Mallets

Scales and their available Keys on the Ascension 18th Realm
(Scale descriptions and audio recordings can be found on our Sound Models page)

Chilcotin – C minor/Eb Major (Low), D minor/F Major (Mid)
Damascus –
C minor/C major (Low), D minor, D major (Mid), E minor/ E Major (High)
Shogun –
E minor/G Major (Mid)
Yin-Yang –
D minor/F Major (Mid)

*Custom scales are also possible.

*Caution* Playing your Steel Tongue Drum too hard can cause the tongues to bend, and cause the notes to dip slightly out of tune. To avoid this, we suggest using finger-tips, thumbs or soft-strikes with the mallets we provide to play your drums. It does not require a large amount of force to create a large sound from our instruments.

*Choking Hazard* Mallets, Magnets, and other small parts can provide a choking hazard.  Never leave young children alone with the mallets or magnets unsupervised.

Additional information

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 40 x 40 x 20 cm
Double Sided Scales

Chilcotin D minor/F major (Mid), Damascus D minor/D Major (Mid), Shogun E minor/G Major (High), Yin-yang D minor/F Major (Mid)


432, 440


Light Green (Top) and Dark Blue (Bottom), Light Green (Top) and Dark Green (Bottom), Red (Top) and Dark Blue (Bottom), Red (Top) and Violet (Bottom), Teal (Top) and Dark Blue (Bottom), Teal (Top) and Dark Green (Bottom)., Teal (Top) and Violet (Bottom), Violet (Top) and Dark Blue (Bottom).

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