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46 and 2 Necklace


Here are some stylish necklaces we have created (in both a large mala-style and smaller “choker-size” configuration, with copper feather accents) which are made using high-quality stone beads (moss agate, silver agate, amethyst and amazonite), “antique finish” brass clasps, and  they also have our beautiful laser-cut logo on birch!

Each necklace has 46 and 2 beads on either side of the center piece (96 beads in total) which represents the supposed next step in human evolution which is when we will have our chromosones re-organized from 44 autosomes and 2 sex chromosones to 46 and 2 which is theorized to be a more harmonic state of existence for humanity.  They also have “Vitality through Sound” inscribed on the back as well for a final bit of flair

Please choose from either the small “choker” size, or the larger “Mala” size.

If you are curious about the imagery in our logo:  This logo speaks of a return to roots, the four directions and can be seen as a medicine shield for those who are looking for personal strength and healing to come into their lives.  The two outer rings represent the earth and the sun (on our coloured logo the green and yellow rings respectively) and the moon which is represented by the small circle rising over the drum in the center.  The imagery works to bring together the 3 major celestial bodies most prevalent in our existence, and calls us all to unify as connected beings on shared terra.  Through our hands and through out creations we give wings to our spirits and seek ascension to the astral realms and cosmic wisdom that we all have the right to share.  The vibration of this channeling is high, and the areas of existence it alludes to are truly transcendental.

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Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 4 cm
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Choker, Mala

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