At Kindred Spirit Drums we are striving to “Create Vitality Through Sound”. Vitality means to be in a state of “Strength, action and energy” which I feel comes with the excitement of playing a Steel Tongue Drum or Handpan. Right now the world is in great need of a resurrection of the unhindered experimentation with music, to return vitality to the people and to help remove the apathy that the modern-world seems to foster in the human psyche.

Today there is a separation in our society between music players and music listeners and this does a great disservice to the collective consciousness as a whole. The ability to freely create music is one of the most healing things we can do as humans, as music has been a vehicle for spirituality and personal growth for thousands of years.

Hand-based Steel percussion has the ability to create a connection between the player and their own inner-world regardless of age or musical experience. They can be used to attain a deep meditative state, for healing purposes, and for the care-free experimentation with music. In this way, I believe Steel Tongue Drums and Handpans can be a vehicle for transcendence and healing in ways that other instruments cannot.

I feel there is something very special about steel instruments, that resonates on a deep and profound note for many people. Iron and subsequently Steel are children of the industrial age of humanity, and they have helped our species attain heights of technological precision that were thought impossible for many generations. For this reason, steel holds a special place in the roots of our collective imagination and is a visible achievement in many different facets of human endeavors.

May we soar to ever greater heights, on the wings of singing steel.