"Drumphinium" Over the last month I have been putting together a sculpture for the "Sri Chinmoy Peace Park" on Galiano Island.  I had a blessing ceremony for it on Friday, April 29th down at the Roberts Creek pier.  Thank you to everyone who came down to help bless my sculpture before it goes off to live a life of tranquility  on Galiano Island. A very large thanks to Gandharva Loka Vancouver as they were kind enough to commission and donate this sculpture to be an installation in the Peace Park, and I cannot thank them enough for the opportunity to create such a grand piece of art. The sculpture will be residing in their shop on Granville Island for a little while before being moved to its final resting place on Galiano Island. Please go in and check out their fantastic store, and all the amazing world-instruments they carry! IMG_3565IMG_3557IMG_3548IMG_3536IMG_3543IMG_3544IMG_3512IMG_3509IMG_3499IMG_3494IMG_3487IMG_3485IMG_3477IMG_3474IMG_3431IMG_3443IMG_3458IMG_3463IMG_3427IMG_3423IMG_3408IMG_3403IMG_3400IMG_3339(1)