Hello Kindred Spirits!

Thank-you for taking the time to read deeper into the "Kindred Spirit Steel Drums" story, as we cannot survive without the continued engagement of interested people such as yourself.  One of the main ideas driving me on this road to fabricate Steel Tongue Drums and Handpans, has been to create an instrument that is "accessible to everyone" (In play-ability and cost) and the mantra I have chanted while walking this path has been "I am on this journey to give back."  I have worked very hard to get our production processes moving at a quick enough rate that we can provide some of the highest quality instruments on the market, at a similar cost to our competitors.  However, there are still individuals and organizations that do not have the disposable income to cover the cost of an instrument,  and this is something we are actively working to fix.

This is a problem that I have sought to rectify in 2 ways.

#1. Monthly Drum Contest

On our Kindred Spirit Drums Facebook Page there is a monthly contest where you can win a drum just by liking my page, and sharing the contest post (which may have some small requirements for entry).  Here is a gallery of our winners so far!

#2. The Drum Donation Initiative.

Aside from the contest, every month I will be donating a drum to an individual or organization that meets certain criteria.  You may qualify for this drum donation if:

  • You are a person of low-income, with physical disabilities, mental illness, learning disorder, or other unnamed challenges.
  • You are the parent of a child who has physical disabilities, mental illness, learning disorders, or other unnamed challenges.
  • You run, work for or help facilitate an organization such as a Hospice Facility, Old-Folks Home, Palliative Care Unit, Pre-School, Day Care, Special Needs Program, Low-Income Children's Programs, or other organization that you feel does good work and would benefit from one of our instruments.

If you feel that you fit some of these criteria please download the Drum Donation Form, print, complete, scan and then email it back to us at: kindredspiritdrums@gmail.com with the title “Drum Donation” or physically mail the form to:

Kindred Spirit Drums
1134 Flume Road
Roberts Creek
British Columbia
V0N 2W2

Thank-you for taking the time to fill-out and submit a request for our monthly instrument donation. Due to the large volume of requests we receive we may not be able to respond to every letter/email.  Those who are selected will be contacted and steps will be taken from there to see you receive an instrument.  We ask that if it is possible, in exchange for this instrument, those who are selected will send us a short paragraph of the intended usage, coupled with a picture of the recipient and the drum when they receive it.

Many Blessings.

Brynn Clingwall,
Founder, Kindred Spirit Steel Drums