There are a few different things to consider when choosing your steel tongue drum:

1. The Sound
2. The Key
3. The Frequency
4. The Series
5. The Color

*It may be useful to write down information from this tutorial, as that will help to have on hand when you begin looking through the other aspects of our website.

If you already know what you want the shop can be located here.

1. The Sound

So start this off by asking yourself: “What sounds am I more drawn to? Would I prefer playing in a happier and brighter sounding scale (Major) or a more emotional and darker scale (minor)?”

Here is a list of both the Major and minor scales we offer to help you begin sorting through our recordings:

Major Sounding Scales In Between Minor Sounding Scales
Pacific Swell

Recordings of these scales can be found here.

2. The Key

In music, the key of a composition is defined by what notes are being played (Which are derived from a particular Major or Minor scale). A popular Major scale is C Major (All the white keys on the piano) and E minor is a popular minor scale (A lot of blues guitar is played in E minor).

Here is a list of the most popular keys we offer:

Most Popular Major Keys Most Popular minor Keys
C Major
D Major
E Major
F Major
G Major
C minor
D minor
E minor
A minor

*Some of the scales may not be offered in all keys, but this will give us a good place to start in finding the perfect drum for you.*

You can find a table of all the transpositions (Same scale, different keys) that we offer, and the keys that are available on our different series here. In the table,choose your scale, find the appropriate key and then look to the far right of the table to see which series we offer it on. Easy as that!

3. The Frequency

Our Steel Tongue Drums can be made in 432hz or 440hz.

440Hz is the concert standard, and is what a piano, cello, or guitar is usually tuned to. If you are wanting to play with any of those instruments, this would be the frequency to choose.

432Hz is known as the “Universal frequency” and is considered by many to be a more healing, and harmonious frequency.  You can learn more about 432Hz here.

4. The Series

We currently offer 3 series of Steel Tongue Drums: Ascension, Relics and Primordial series.

Series: Pros: Cons:
Ascension Can be made in any scale.
Beautiful Lotus and Feather etchings.
Available in 8/9/10/18/20 note variations.
None! These instruments are amazing.

*Currently Discontinued*

Powerful bass.
Easy access to ascending/descending melody combinations.
Etched and un-etched variations.
Radical Geodesic/Rune etch.
Due to their construction they are restricted to some scales
Primordial Series Our most economic model.
Sound Quality is just as good as the other instruments.
Great for kids.
No etchings.
Only available in select scales.
Only 3 color options.

You can see pictures and learn more about our steel tongue drums here.

5. Color

We offer a wide range of color options on our Ascension and Relics series, and 3 distinct finishes on our Primordial series. Please explore Our Steel Tongue Drums or Image Galley, to get an idea of the color combinations.

If you have a custom color you would like that can be arranged, but only on the Ascension and Relics models.

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