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29 Mar

Unveiling The Ascension Series!

Hello Everyone! I took a hiatus this Spring after the Christmas rush to sit down and redesign the Steel Tongue Drums we are offering here at Kindred Spirit Drums.  After many hours experimenting in our workshop to develop the best sounding and most attractive Steel Tongue Drums we have come back to offer our "Ascension Series" of Steel Tongue Drums. Our Ascension series of Steel Tongue Drums can be purchased in single-sided 8 or 9 note options, or Double-Sided 18 note drum options.  We will no longer be producing the 10, 12 and 20 note drums that we were offering previously, and we are sorry for any inconvenience. Each of our Ascension Series Steel Tongue Drums is hand-made by our staff, with the note shapes and etchings all completed with hand-tools so each instrument is a unique piece of art.  The drums are fully coated (inside and outside) with a beautiful and highly resilient powder-coating so they will not rust or tarnish.  The colors we have chosen are exceptional and this high-quality finish leaves them feeling smooth and creamy in the hands; they are an absolute dream to hold and play. Standard Features: – Choice Of Scale(s) – Choice Of Color(s) – Rubber Mallets – Instructional Booklet – Feather Etchings on Tongues/Central Geometry Etch – Red Cedar Sound Hole Plug – Removable Rubber Feet – Internal Rubber Dampening System Optional Features: – Tuning Magnets (For 440Hz or 432Hz tuning) – Added Pick-up System (Please allow additional time for this option) – Carrying Bag – Timpani Mallets A list of scales and available keys for the Ascension 8th, 9th and 18th Realm drums as well as scale information and audio recordings can be found on our Sound Models page. We look forward to providing you and your family with high-quality instruments into 2017 and beyond. Brynn Kindred Spirit Drums      
06 May


"Drumphinium" Over the last month I have been putting together a sculpture for the "Sri Chinmoy Peace Park" on Galiano Island.  I had a blessing ceremony for it on Friday, April 29th down at the Roberts Creek pier.  Thank you to everyone who came down to help bless my sculpture before it goes off to live a life of tranquility  on Galiano Island. A very large thanks to Gandharva Loka Vancouver as they were kind enough to commission and donate this sculpture to be an installation in the Peace Park, and I cannot thank them enough for the opportunity to create such a grand piece of art. The sculpture will be residing in their shop on Granville Island for a little while before being moved to its final resting place on Galiano Island. Please go in and check out their fantastic store, and all the amazing world-instruments they carry! IMG_3565IMG_3557IMG_3548IMG_3536IMG_3543IMG_3544IMG_3512IMG_3509IMG_3499IMG_3494IMG_3487IMG_3485IMG_3477IMG_3474IMG_3431IMG_3443IMG_3458IMG_3463IMG_3427IMG_3423IMG_3408IMG_3403IMG_3400IMG_3339(1)
07 Nov

Contest Closed!….Winners Selected!

Hello Friends! After much deliberation, and consulting with my collection of wise oracles we have found the winner of our contest.  Alifia Kapasi's picture was the favorite and so she will receive a 10 note Steel Tongue Drum of her choosing free of charge!  The runners up were Joshua Schmidt and Izora Goodwin's pictures and they will each receive a %50 off coupon for use on one of our 10 Note Steel Tongue Drums!  There were many amazing pictures, and everyone who sent one in will be receiving a $25.00 coupon for use on any of our products as a thank-you for their effort!  Please stay tuned for more exciting contests and events! Much Love Everyone. Brynn. 12188232_10156168398415293_167137447274515657_o 12112077_10153112493041244_3251266987202382775_n12170632_1141415165873491_1824882105_n12184076_10208148624060087_4651080502730298025_o12191916_1069867379704365_2807086234555479999_n12208548_10154244579855663_4052023554736091567_n12196019_10153328009207266_5931751021678968227_n12191489_1151215181560156_6627043028195002028_n12088242_10153585901401001_5184533726023484173_n11254287_10156156825170475_5233757986202485530_n12096637_10156156822975475_1519404272805539327_n12182450_10156350836560354_305301959592324685_o12187891_10208243190656051_5982654291246081028_n11223664_10156160070830717_800891102236233596_o11147174_10156218189580613_984081674382026490_n12189680_1069868366370933_4413038099667684835_n
07 Oct

1 Year Anniversary Contest!

Hello my friends!  We are currently running a contest on our Kindred Spirit Drums Facebook page with chances to win some pretty amazing prizes! Please check it out and enter for your chance to become a Kindred Spirit! Blessings. Brynn Founder, Kindred Spirit Drums

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