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Welcome to Kindred Spirit Steel Drums, the home of beautiful steel percussion instruments.

Our Offerings

All of our products are custom-made, and have been developed over the last 5 years as we have researched and explored the sounds of singing steel.  As of 2019 all our instruments come standard with an internal rubber dampening system, rubber feet, a wooden sound-hole plug, a set of house-made mallets and an instructional booklet.  Due to the custom nature of these instruments, there may be a small waiting period between when you place your order, to when your order is completed and shipped out.
We thank you for your patience.


Please check out the additional products we offer that can expand and enhance your playing experience!


"I use my steel tongue drums in the yoga classes I teach, in my therapeutic work with children and seniors and for my own personal enjoyment of music.  My Ascension Series is not only to beautiful to look at, it sounds wonderful too!"
- Morgan Mathison

"I was one of the first recipients of the new Mandala Series (An E Major Pentatone) and I love it!  Its a really great instrument to jam along with reggae songs and to play with friends."
- Brad Fox


"The finest steel tongues I've encountered in terms of tonal quality, artistry and craftsmanship. Brynn is so friendly and helpful."
-Jay Mitchell Robinson/Artist Handle:  Uni Balloon


"I use my double-sided Ascension Series steel tongue drum which I pair with my didgeridoo and other instruments in sound journeys, music therapy and various live performances.  I really enjoy the sound and craftsmanship of these instruments."
- David Yates/Artist Info: Breathwood


"I absolutely love my Primordial-Mini steel tongue drum.  The color is so vibrant and the sound it makes is beautiful.  It is small enough to bring to the beach, or anywhere else, with ease." - Krysta Powers


"Thank you for exploring Kindred Spirit Steel Drums!

Wishing you and your kin happiness and success with all of your musical endeavors."

- Brynn Clingwall,
Founder, Kindred Spirit Steel Drums