"Creating Vitality Through Sound"

Welcome to Kindred Spirit Steel Drums, the home of beautiful steel percussion instruments.  All of our products are custom-made, and have been developed over the last 5 years as we have researched and explored the sounds of singing steel.  We know you'll love our products just as much as we have loved developing them!

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"I use my steel tongue drums in the yoga classes I teach, in my therapeutic work with children and seniors and for my own personal enjoyment of music.  My Ascension Series is not only to beautiful to look at, it sounds wonderful too!"
- Morgan Mathison

"I was one of the first recipients of the new Mandala Series (An E Major Pentatone) and I love it!  Its a really great instrument to jam along with reggae songs and to play with friends."
- Brad Fox


"The finest steel tongues I've encountered in terms of tonal quality, artistry and craftsmanship. Brynn is so friendly and helpful."
-Jay Mitchell Robinson/Artist Handle:  Uni Balloon


"I use my double-sided Ascension Series steel tongue drum which I pair with my didgeridoo and other instruments in sound journeys, music therapy and various live performances.  I really enjoy the sound and craftsmanship of these instruments."
- David Yates/Artist Info: Breathwood


"I absolutely love my Primordial-Mini steel tongue drum.  The color is so vibrant and the sound it makes is beautiful.  It is small enough to bring to the beach, or anywhere else, with ease." - Krysta Powers


"Thank you for exploring Kindred Spirit Steel Drums!

Wishing you and your kin happiness and success with all of your musical endeavors."

- Brynn Clingwall,
Founder, Kindred Spirit Steel Drums